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At the first meeting, we willTherapeutic Assessments For Adults help you form questions you want to have answered through testing. At times people have diagnostic questions, such as “Do I have ADHD?”  or, “How severe is my depression?”  However, often clients have very individualized questions about the areas of life where they are struggling, such as “What gets in the way of me creating an intimate relationship?” or, “How has my childhood impacted me?” Based on your questions, psychological tests are identified that will help us discover answers. Over the course of several sessions, you will complete a variety of psychological tests and we will explore the results together.  At the end, we will meet to discuss the test results and answer your questions. A few weeks after this meeting, you will receive a personalized, jargon-free letter summarizing the results of the assessment.


Typically, Therapeutic Assessments require 10-12 hours of time in the office for interviewing, testing and discussions. Appointments may occur a couple times a week over the course of a few weeks, or just once a week over a number of weeks.  After the initial session during which questions are identified, we will be able to provide an overview of what will likely occur, and the time needed.

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