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Dr. David is not an in-network insurance provider, due to the limits insurance companies place on clinicians regarding Therapeutic Assessments (TA).  More specifically, at times insurance companies do not authorize the use of certain psychological tests, despite what professionals think is best. In addition, often appointments that are parts of a TA last 90-120 minutes, and therapy and testing billing codes do not allow for such time to be properly captured.  Last, privacy is a cornerstone of any psychological service, and insurance companies often want information about clients that many people would prefer to keep confidential. By paying privately, the highest level of services can be offered while providing clients greater control concerning their privacy.


The phone call consultation to determine if a TA is a good match for your needs is complimentary.

The initial 90-120 minute session costs $250, and payment is required at the onset of the session.

After the initial session, Dr. David can provide you with an estimate of the cost. Typically, a comprehensive TA typically costs between $2500 and $3000, but more complex cases may require additional tests which raise the fee.  Once you agree to participate, 75% of the total cost needs to be paid before testing can begin, and the final 25% will be collected before the final discussion session.

You will receive a monthly statement that you can submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement if you so choose.  While out of network reimbursements vary by insurance plan, clients have reported being reimbursed 25-50% of the total cost. You are strongly encouraged to discuss out of network reimbursement with your insurance company, so you have a clear sense of your final cost.

For those clients who find the cost prohibitive, it is possible to tailor a TA to be smaller in scope with fewer tests, but this may also lead to an outcome that is less comprehensive than what might occur if more tests were administered.

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